IndySoft Calibration is the industry-leading solution for the calibration and management of gauges, instruments and equipment.

The ultimate calibration management software features extensive quality compliance, customizable events, and powerful custom reporting features. It's primary feature is complete integration into pre-existing systems.

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Your IndySoft questions answered

These are the questions we are asked most frequently regarding the IndySoft gauge calibration solution.

if you have another question which is not listed here, then please give us a call on +65 6778.8002 or get in touch via the online contact form, there's no obligation, and you can be assured that we don't employ high-pressure sales tactics.

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Does the system support multiple users using a Web Browser

Answer: Yes, colleagues / clients can either access a license on the server via a web browser with Universal Client for full remote use of the software or via DataView Browser for read-only and certificate download.

Universal Client and DataView Browser are optional modules available for both the Enterprise and Gauge InSite CLE versions.

Does IndySoft support multiple users using a LAN/WAN

Answer: Yes

Is the system able to run 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

Answer: Yes, it is an enterprise solution that is designed to be available and accessible anytime.

Is there any limit to the number of users accessing the system at one time

Answer: This is only limited by the number of concurrent licenses you have purchased.

Can multiple datasets be stored in a single database

Answer: Yes, multiple sites are supported with data segregated by site or user group.

Are multi-level user security settings available

Answer: Yes, the system provides extensive system-wide security, user-group security, field-level security and reporting security.

Is the system 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Answer: Yes, security features, audit trail, back up, disaster recovery and electronic signature capable of being validated ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Is the system capable of generating accurate and complete copies of records

Answer: Yes, it generate inspection and review records in electronic and hard copy format.

Is a fully-integrated back up and restore utility available

Answer: Yes

What Audit Trail capabilities are provided

Answer: It provides computer generated, human readable audit trails that log; creation, date and time stamp, User ID, pre and post changes and deletion of electronic records.

Is it possible to record un-authorised access

Answer: Yes, it provides full audit trails of unauthorized access attempts, user access, electronic signatures, data entry and manipulation.

Does the system have Electronic Signature capabilities

Answer: Yes

Are users prevented from changing clock settings for time stamps

Answer: GI cannot prevent users from changing their PC's clock, however they are unable to modify historical time stamps.

Do changes to records overwrite the previous data

Answer: No, GI ensures that changes to records or system settings do not obscure previously recorded information.

Are deleted records retained

Answer: Yes, The system retains a deleted record so that it may be reviewed or re-activated in the future.

Is password aging available

Answer: Yes, GI provides password aging for system log-on and e-signature passwords.

Are users who are idle for a long period logged off

Answer: Yes

Are users who repeatedly fail to login banned

Answer: Yes, after a designated number of unsuccessful attempts, users will be banned from the system and the Administrator will need to re-enable their access.

What happens when a user fails login validation

Answer: The system will email the database administrator (DBA) with the user ID of the person that failed the login.

Are the login and electronic signature passwords encrypted

Answer: Yes, they are encrypted, so that once entered they cannot be seen by an end-user or even the Database Administrator.

Can compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 be validated

Answer: Yes, the security features, audit trail, back up, disaster recovery and electronic signature are capable of being validated to ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

What information can be printed on the signed records

Answer: The system is capable of displaying the printed name of the signer, date and time stamp, and purpose/intent of signing on any paper output of the signed electronic record.

Does it prevent the copy and pasting of electronic signatures

Answer: Yes.

Is the Metrology or Asset ID unique, or can it be duplicated

Answer: This field must be unique.

Is all historical data recorded for each asset

Answer: Yes, the records on individual instruments and the history of events associated with that instrument are stored indefinitely.

How is the next calibration date calculated

Answer: It is based on the calibration date and the interval. For example, a 6 month calibration performed on 23/05/2015 will be due on 23/11/2015.

Can a user change the calibration due date

Answer: Yes, provided that they are granted the necessary User Access level.

Can test points and tolerances be stored for each instrument

Answer: Yes

Does the system store “As Found” and “As Left” calibration data

Answer: Yes

Is the deviation from the standard reading and the test unit calculated

Answer: Yes, and it automatically flags an Out of Tolerance condition.

Can a calibration standard be used if it is overdue or out of service

Answer: No.

Do you provide the ability for Reverse Traceability for standards

Answer: Yes

Does the system provide powerful Search Tools

Answer: Yes, you can search using any one, as well as multiple fields.

Can search results be exported to Microsoft Excel

Answer: Yes

What attributes of fields can be customised

Answer: Field labels / names, length, default value, required/not required, and pick-list items.

Is it possible to clone / duplicate a previous record

Answer: Yes, for example when entering 20 thermometers for the same customer, the copy feature allows all information to copy to the new record with the exception of the Metrology ID and the unique serial number.

Can we login, access and view records without a User license

Answer: No, all connections to the application requires a user license.

Is remote calibration via a laptop or hand held device supported

Answer: Yes

Can we integrate with calibration standards that store readings

Answer: Yes, but presently only for the Fluke 5000 Series, other such Beamex could be developed if it was required.

Is there the capability for on-line workflows

Answer: Yes, such as work order assignment, record review and record approvals.

Can users submit work orders directly into the system

Answer: Yes, for example, an unscheduled work request to calibrate an instrument.

With the required access level, can a user perform global field updates

Answer: Yes, for example, if a department name changes, you can update all records for that department with the new department name.

Are the screens customisable

Answer: Yes, fields can be added, and hidden, it is also possible to control which Tabs are visible.

Are there any Standard Reports which we can customise for our use

Answer: Yes

Is there a Report Writer that we can use to create reports

Answer: Yes, the Report Writer is integrated into the software and is very flexible, powerful and user-friendly.

Are there built-in data analysis tools for Trending calibration data

Answer: Yes

Does IndySoft support the connection of instruments via RS232

Answer: Yes, the ability to have remote instruments connect via RS232 directly into the Calibration Routine is supported, but may require additional hardware.

Can training be performed off-site at DiS's office ?

Answer: Yes, training can either be conducted at the customer's site where they will provide the facilities, or at DiS's office. There will be additional charges if the training is performed at our office.

Are documented Quality Systems in place for demo

Answer: Yes, we demonstrate a state of control throughout all phases of the software development life cycle

What is Annual Maintenance & why do we need it

Answer: Because of the inherent design of any software code, it is inevitable that under certain circumstances an application does not perform as planned or expected and that it will have to be fixed. In addition, software is ever evolving in terms of additional functionality and also due to changing technologies and methodologies.

This means for example that a software application you bought five years ago written in the latest technology at that time, would be obsolete today if it were not continually developed.

Annual Maintenance is an optional charge that you can subscribe to, which helps ensure that the software you bought originally is kept up to date, and that you also enjoy the new features and functionality which have been incorporated since the original version you purchased.

Is it able to manage Uncertainty Budgets

Answer: Yes, the Commercial Lab Edition (CLE) has an optional Uncertainty Module, which allows you to define your budgets and rules / conditions and will automatically calculate uncertainty when entering the test points.

Or if you prefer to calculate your own Uncertainties using excel spreadsheets etc, and enter the calculated values into an additional column in GI which will be enabled when entering test point results.

What if I have another question which is not listed here

Answer: Please give us a call on +65 6778.8002 or get in touch via the online contact form, there's no obligation and you can be assured that we don't employ high-pressure sales tactics.

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