IndySoft Calibration is the industry-leading solution for the calibration and management of gauges, instruments and equipment.

The ultimate gauge calibration management software features extensive quality compliance, customisable events, and powerful custom reporting features. Indysoft's primary feature is complete integration into pre-existing systems.

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IndySoft Gauge Calibration
IndySoft Gauge Calibration

The Ultimate Gauge Calibration Solution

With an emphasis on security and flexibility, IndySoft Calibration Enterprise offers both large scale corporate environments and smaller operations alike a customisable system ready to meet their exacting needs. IndySoft Calibration is a quality management software solution that offers support for leading enterprise database solutions, making it perfect for deployment on large-scale corporate systems.

Through an exclusive process modelling engine, companies can configure their own event driven system with checkpoints and rulesets at every point along the equipment path, ensuring assets are handled according to existing procedures.

Available in what is commonly referred to as two-tier (LAN) and three-tier (WAN) versions, IndySoft Calibration Enterprise delivers a powerful and flexible system that will help your company become more efficient and your equipment management systems more scalable all the while remaining reliable.

Two-tier IndySoft Calibration Enterprise operates over a standard LAN but when coupled with the InSite Global Enterprise Server, IndySoft Calibration Enterprise three-tier versions deliver faster access across wide-area-networks than any other system on the market. In fact, workstations can even connect over a standard 56k line via the Internet and still get incredible performance. Further, systems can be mixed and matched so your internal network runs at peak efficiency on two-tier technology while three-tier users get the speed and security desired for their connections.

Enterprise and Metrology Labs

Indysoft Calibration is suitable for managing the assets of an enterprise and it's subsidiaries, as well as for Commercial or Metrology calibration labs who provide calibration services for their client's gauges and equipment..

To learn more about the additional features and functions available in the Commercial Lab Edition (CLE), please select "Commercial Labs" from the menu on the left of the page.

Feature Summary

  • Multi-Company & Multi-Plant
  • User-Customisable Grid Views
  • Equipment Search Customisation
  • MS Office Integration
  • Email Automation Capabilities
  • Choice of Database Platforms
  • Built-in Process Modeling Engine
  • Multiple Schedule Types
  • Supported Custom Reporting Capabilities
  • Document Storage & Versioning
  • Electronic Sign-Off & Digital Signatures
  • 'Green' Paperless Option
  • Supports Industry Compliances
  • Electronic Certificate Storage
  • Audit-Trail Capable
  • Industry-Leading Security Model

Functional Overview

Multi-Company Support

IndySoft Calibration fully supports multiple companies in the database along with complete segregation of equipment, users, employees... even various aspects of the task-driven events system can be allocated by company name. This allows easy tracking of your own assets and events while maintaining separate data for your customers and other divisions or departments, all from the same centrally secure database. As owner of the database you also have full reporting capabilities across the entire enterprise, so you can obtain effective cross-referenced information about the state of your operation.

Automated Email and Reporting

There is no need to invest in third party reporting software, as IndySoft Gauge Calibration ships with a fully integrated reporting system. You can use the standard canned reports, extend or clone those reports to make them your own, or start from scratch and create everything from the simple to the inspiring. It doesn't stop there. You can take any report and create a scheduled alarm, along with email distribution lists to automatically distribute reports to any member of your organisation, at any time, based on company, department, staff position, you name it, the alarm system can handle it.

User Productivity

Data entry isn't the most fun job around, that's why we've made the process easier through equipment templates, cloning, and optional automated equipment numbering. Templates allow you to define a master record for equipment, usually based on manufacturer/model number. When you create new equipment, you base it off of the matching manufacturer/model template and select specific groups of information that should remain 'bound' to the template.

When your template is updated, you automatically update all the equipment in the entire system that uses that template, a process that could normally takes days, or even weeks. Cloning allows you to create an exact duplicate of any other piece of equipment, only changing the unique ID or Serial Number. Auto-Numbering allows you to define a numbering scheme along with custom rules, such as prefixing and suffixing, to ensure uniqueness in your database.

Process Modelling Mimics Your Current Workflow

One problem with most software packages is that the designer's idea of how you work is radically different than how you actually perform your daily routines. This is where IndySoft Calibration stands alone. Only IndySoft Calibration allows you to create a workable model of your process with rule enforcement and data checks to ensure technicians are performing the job correctly as the work is done, thereby decreasing errors and increasing productivity at the same time.

Industry Leading Security Model

When it comes to application security there is no equal to IndySoft Calibration. Every field in the database, every utility, and even every custom event in your Process Model, can be referenced through the powerful profile manager. Give your users full, limited, and everywhere-in-between rights at every level of the application. You can even have radically different security models for one user depending on the company he/she is working with at any moment in time.

Integration With MS Office

It doesn't matter if you're a commercial lab, manufacturing facility, in-house calibration lab, or just the reporting department at the end of the hall, IndySoft Calibration communicates with a host of Microsoft Applications and also with almost all other products in IndySoft's lineup.


With a host of industry-compliant companies in varying practices under its care, IndySoft Calibration adheres to the most popular compliances to date and is always improving as the industry dictates.

About IndySoft

IndySoft Corporation's development team has been providing quality Gauge calibration management solutions for almost 2 decades. Serving close to 100 Fortune 500 companies, their customer base spans the world with installations ranging from small calibration labs to full enterprise corporate solutions.

Companies choose IndySoft Corporation because of their extensive technological agility and their commitment to increasing the flexibility and usability of gauge calibration management software products.

Companies stay with IndySoft Corporation because of their commitment to them.

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