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The Uncertainty Module enhances your productivity and provides you with the ability to define your Uncertainty Budgets and automatically calculate the uncertainties when entering test results.

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Indysoft Uncertainty
Indysoft Uncertainty

ISO 17025 & Uncertainty

ISO17025 is the single most important metrology standard for measurement products, and is the global standard for the technical competence of calibration laboratories.

Reporting the uncertainty qualifies the accuracy of the measurement when comparing results from different labs. The ratio of specification-to-calibration uncertainty is one way that users gauge their confidence in a product's performance.

Gauge InSite provides you with the required tools to manage and calculate your uncertainties automatically based on the formulae and rules which you have defined.

The IndySoft Calibration Uncertainty Module enables users to setup detailed uncertainty budgets that apply to test points and gages in the IndySoft Calibration database. Once these associations are created, uncertainty is automatically calculated per test point during IndySoft Calibration calibration events.

Uncertainty Budgets

Each uncertainty budget contains three types of information:

1. Master Rules

Master rules are optionally setup for each budget, corresponding to the selection rules for masters necessary to complete uncertainty calculations.

2. Contributing Items

Contributing items are setup corresponding to the contributing factors in the budget calculations. For example, 'Environmental Factors', 'Random Errors', 'Resolution', etc.

Contributing items can calculate standard uncertainty based upon several contributing item variables and/or hundreds of live data fields from the gage under calibration, the master being used, or the current event conditions.

Simple contributing item calculations can be quickly setup with the 'Auto' feature, or scripting can be used to setup advanced contributing factor calculations.

3. Uncertainty Studies

Uncertainty studies can be logged and referenced from within any contributing item.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient cloning features available for all budgets.
  • IndySoft Calibration's PrintBuilder reporting tool can be used to automatically display uncertainty guardbanding when printing event certificate or non-conformance documents.
  • Each gage or master in IndySoft Calibration can be setup with an unlimited number of uncertainty attributes, available for reference during uncertainty calculations. Uncertainty attributes can be either numeric, table-based, or built using scripting.
  • Correlations can be setup between contributing items within an uncertainty budget.
  • Users can be automatically alerted within a IndySoft Calibration event if the selected masters do not fulfill the master rules setup for related uncertainty budgets.
  • A wealth of standard procedures and functions are available through scripting language through Microsoft, IndySoft, and various online resources.
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